Mid November = COLD!

Keep the crew in your prayers this week. They are working in some pretty tough conditions. The field that the building is rising from is like a wind tunnel for that frigid air to race through. They continue to be very gracious to this humble photographer and in good spirits.

The steel is going up over the 3K-5K area and also the entrance and two story lobby. The gym and stage have roofing over them now too. The interior walls in the 1,2,3 grades and library are taking shape and heating ducts and plumbing are going in that area too. Exterior bricks are being laid in the lower grade area too.

About two weeks ago the precast gym walls were placed. This was a wonder to watch. The panels are about 8 feet wide and 33 feet tall, made of layers of concrete, insulation, and with an attractive facing where they will be exposed. They are heavy.

Exterior wall boards are going up in the preschool area and they hope to have everything walled up in the next month or so.


Below are some images I’ve taken in the past few weeks, documenting the progress.




BC3A6457 LibraryWall-00001 Pouring 3rd Grade Classroom-00001 Library-00001 DCIM105GOPRO 3rdGradeRoom-A159-00001 5thGradeRoomA145-00001 BC3A5560




SFB-September-October images

My son Matthew (SFB Grade 5) and I have been filming the progress at the new school construction site. We wanted to share the progress with you using film and still images “from a different angle”…….

Star trails,  you can see the stars rotating around the north star, an airplane, and several shooting stars over the construction site. This is 2500 individual images with a full size camera “Stacked” to create one. The time lapse video of the stars can be seen at the end of the 9-28 video below.

Click the photos to enlarge.




CraneSunFlareRise.Still001DCIM100MEDIA SFB-9-13-14A-bschatzman DCIM100MEDIA

SFB Construction Poster 11-5-2014

I sent copies of this poster to school and the parish office. I believe it will be on display this weekend. Click below to view.

The progress is a wonder to behold. Walking the site each day, it is like watching a garden spring into bloom. The bricks are being laid, concrete floors being poured and polished, walls and roofs going up.

More to come soon,


Click to open the poster file (large):


Building Report 11-7-2014

Building Report from Jason Stenz

Another productive week at site.  The roofers finished up the roof on Unit A (south wing of the school).  They pulled off of the project for now while CD Smith finishes putting down the rest of the roof deck.  They plan on being back on site at the end of November to finish roofing the rest of the building.  The interior steel studs are now installed throughout 90% of unit A.  They are going to start setting the exterior studs on west side of Unit B now that the steel beams and ceiling rafters are up.  With the interior studs installed in Unit A, the plumbing, electrical, HVAC contractors are now starting to rough in their systems.  The masons are continuing to lay the lower split face block on unit A.  The cast stone transition sills were delivered this week and they can now continue up the wall with the lighter color brick.  The last piece of Spancrete for the gym will be set on Friday.  Once it’s set, they can lay down the last of the roof deck and remove the internal bracing.  The stage concrete was finished this week and the gym floor will be poured next week.  CD Smith is going to continue setting the steel beams in Units B and C so they can get the building sealed up and heated as soon as possible.  The demolition contractor is also back on site to knock down the farmhouse.  They are about half done and should have the demolition completed early next week.

New Construction Site!


This is the new place to look for updates and images showing the incredible progress on the building. I’ll be moving the items from the old site over to this one and adding updates more often.

We owe this crew a big thank you. The CD Smith guys have been doing great work, and are very friendly folks.

I’ve been shooting time lapse an average of 4 days each week, and with four weatherproof cameras each day. My poor computer is chugging 12 hours a day tweaking and exporting all of them. I’ll be assembling more video soon.

I had an unfortunate run in involving my drone and the construction crane. The drone lost, badly. This was during off hours and the construction crew was not there. I simply got too close and hit the top of it. The replacement will be arriving soon, and I’ll be posting more aerial images soon, but they are are on hold right now.

Hope you enjoy seeing the progress.



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