December Begins!

It’s been a tough fall weather wise. When it is above freezing the mud sticks to your boots, but then the wind blows and the temperature falls and your fingers go numb…

The building is coming along fast. The interior walls in the Grades 1-3 and library area all have the steel studs up and heating ducts, plumbing, and wiring is moving along. Interior drywall should start going up next week.

BC3A2236 BC3A2252



The Gym and lobby areas are nearly enclosed and soon will be heated.

BC3A2256 BC3A2265



The K areas for the younger kids is walled in and the entrance is being framed out today.




Bricks are being laid on the west and south walls. Below is the 4th grade and library walls on the center and right of the photo.

BC3A2337 BC3A2339


The roofers continue to work on all areas of the building, installing insulation, storm water drains, and cutouts for the Heating/Cooling units.


BC3A2345 BC3A2356




The Iron workers are working on the main entrance and lobby, which is two stories tall.

BC3A2362 BC3A2364




Next week the building should be enclosed and temporary heat turned on. After the ground heats up, the concrete can be poured in the gymnasium.



Stay warm all!







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